Robotic Massage

I finally took the recommendation of a colleague of mine to visit Meilus Precision Therapy to help heal my plantar fasciitis and achilles tendon. Meilus Precision Therapy is a cutting edge method to treat injuries, relieve aches and pains, and improve athletic performance. The therapy actually lengthens muscles again.I know customers who actually avoided surgery because of this robotic massage. After two treatments, I really felt the difference.

The creator of Meilus Precison Therapy, Al Meilus, is based in the southwest Florida. There are centers that exclusively use the Meilus methods of recovery. Dave Wallwork is the Clinical Director for the Meilus Precison Therapy in our area. Dave worked as an athletic trainer in professional baseball for 16 years with the last six years as the rehab coordinator for the Chicago White Sox. Now Dave focuses all his energy on his Meilus business in southern Sarasota, please visit his website to learn about how this robotic massage therapy works at

To view this robot in action on my legs, please check out this short video:

Please check for the Meilus Precision Therapy center near you. It will get you back in your chosen sport…fast!
If you do go in for a visit, please write us at and let us know about your experience with the robotic massage.