Why Do You Run?

Why do I run? I have been asked that question many times. I have also been asked numerous times, why do I race? I answered that question in my last book, Creating Amazement. I feel the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges in the mile race actually bring me closer to God. Then people ask, what do I mean? My response is that I am interested in life in things I cannot touch or purchase. Each run and race brings me closer to my spirit within as I learn about courage, faith, trust, confidence etc. Each race required me to aspire to new perceptions and beliefs that taught me something about myself and called upon me to go beyond where I had been before.


An infographic agency just rolled out a fun infographic illustrating the anatomy of American male and female runners. The last question illustrates the reasons why men and women run. What is your motivation to run or race?


Running Music for a better running experience!