Why is proper training important to athletes over 30 years of age?

For runners who are 30+, a little different approach is needed in their training. First of all, my advice is to take good care of your legs. They are the only two legs you have. With that in mind, running should be varied with one easy day then a hard day throughout your weekly program. Soft surfaces are a must for older runners as the pounding of the pavement can take its toll in the long run. Emphasis should be on the quality of your workout, not the quantity.


Begin each workout with a proper 15 -20 minute warm- up period. Movement, drills, stretching are great to warm up your muscles. After your workout, a warm-down period is required with easy moving, stretching, and recovery for 20 minutes.


Listen to your body, if you need rest, take it. However, do not take off two consecutive days as your body gets lazy and tight. I wish you the best in your training as you become quicker, faster, and more relaxed in your striding.