NBC Channel 8 Harrisburg, PA

Here is a video featuring my finish at the Harrisburg Mile on 7/16, then it follows me to an interview with NBC Channel 8 of Harrisburg directly after coming through the finishing chute – sorry that audio is difficult to pick up as it was very noisy around the finish area:

ABC News Interview in Winchester, Virginia

Just click this link below to see what actually aired on TV3 Winchester.

Viewing Instructions: On the righthand side of the page there is a video player. The player defaults to playing the current day’s sports news. To view David’s video use the navigation thumbnails below the main window. You will need to use the arrow pointing to the right to go back in time. When you see David’s picture titled “Making a Mile of it”, click on the thumbnail and it will display the video in the video player.


Here is the full “behind the scenes” interview in Winchester, VA: