Race #4 – Peltz Financial Mile

The Peltz Financial Mile took place on 7/8 in Windham, NH. It was the 4th race on the SmoothToe New England Marathon…One Mile At A Time tour. The beautiful neighborhood race course is part of the The Windham Turkey Trot 5 mile course

Strength Exercises After Running

Many runners think their workout is over after they run, but I feel that is the perfect time strength workouts should begin. From hurdles to medicine ball exercises, this is the time to build strength and protection for your races. Remember that strong muscles do not protect the disks in your back, so be certain to keep your back at neutral during these exercises to avoid lower back pain.

Here is a photo after the Boom Box Mile as I use the hurdles to open up my hips after speed work:

Here is a video showing some of our post running workout:


Have a great time getting stronger as well as quicker!

Race #2 – Boom Box Mile

Happy 4th! My younger brother, Marc, and nephew, Jonathan, and I spent the day in Connecticut as we did last year as we ran the Boom Box Mile – Race #2 on the SmoothToe New England Marathon…One Mile At A Time.

It was a beautiful New England day for a change as this part of the country has seen enough rain for the summer. I ran a 4:45.45.