Body Protection Filmed At Movenpick Resort and Spa at The Dead Sea

It was a long journey in a short period of time and my lead videographer is still probably cursing me today that I decided to shoot Body Protection in Jordan, but it was worth it. Our crew did a great job working endlessly to capture what we needed in four days of filming. We are excited, but also exhausted…

The Movenpick Resort and Spa at the Dead Sea in Jordan showed us wonderful hospitality and support during our demanding video shoot. They went above and beyond to assist the filming.

With the Dead Sea and the West Bank of Israel as the DVD’s backdrop, it made for a picturesque setting. Now the editing begins. Body Protection will be released in January 2012. We look forward to sharing with you the training secrets to keep you injury-free.

We have a lot going on before the end of the year as will be launched in December. It is now time to spend a couple of months at home after being on the road since May with “5 Wonders Under 25 Minutes” and now the filming of Body Protection.

Posted in - My Daily Journal 2011, Author - David O'Meara.

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  1. Hi David and sekyen congrats on getting your body protection done sounds like everyone had a great time but also a exhausting tome to but like u always say hard work is the key to life im so excited to i cant wait to see it i wish i was there it must have been great well have a safe trip home and i be looking for it soon stay safe and keep in touch always inspiring thanks spring

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