Cool Down Program After Exercise

This is our final video clip from our photo and video shoot this past May in Monument Valley, UT. This final video clip in the snow shows a couple of our 3-D exercises that we do after our races. At, we believe to elongate the muscles (also called “stretching”) only after exercise – not before. If you want to bend a piece of metal, you better heat the metal beforehand, otherwise it will crack and break. Our muscles are the same way. 

You should empty you lungs of all the air when doing these stretches. This will allow you to get as deep as possible into the stretches. Many people stretch on the ground. When sitting down, it does shut off certain muscles.  So this is why we do all of our elongation above ground against gravity. This will also transfer better to any of your sporting activities.

I hope you enjoyed our series training videos this year. We will be shooting our new fitness DVD in 2011. We are excited to share our entire new program with you next year. We will continue to post new blog posts each week for the rest of the year and then throughout the beginning of 2011 as we will start to focus on the training and preparations for our next event, “5 Wonders Under 25 Minutes.”

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  1. Hi David just looked at your cool down videos, u know ive always cooled down after workingout but its nice to see what others do for a cooldown, very interesting i will be trying out some of your cooldown exercises in my next workouts, i been working on squats and lunges so it should be good for me also i was happy to see sekyen come out and help u u two r so nice together, shes a good girl well i will be looking forward to your next years exercise videos and will keep working on the other ones i already have, Thanks again
    for all your videos blogs and tips very happy for all the info, take care spring cole

  2. It is 12:55 a.m. and I woke up feeling like my body has reached its max. I turn to this site, look at the videos and follow the stretching exercises like I am watching a Tae Bo video. I feel absolutely great, I cant wait til the morning to try the running techniques.

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