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Happy 2010!

I just was fitted for my new indoor race orthotics and I thought I would share what takes place at Faklis Orthotics (www.faklis.com). The process of finding the right pedorthist, getting evaluated properly, and learning the value of professional foot care is important step for every over-30 athlete.

I want to especially thank one of my consultants, Mike Forgrave, who is responsible for making my orthotics in 2009 and 2010. Vasile and Mike work together to make sure my biomechanics are optimal. Thanks to them I am injury free.

I am planning to participate in an indoor meet at the end of January to try out my new spikes and new indoor race orthotics. After indoor nationals in March, it will be back to the roads as I prepare for our 2010 event – Around The World In Less Than 30 Minutes.

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  1. Dave, Thanks for sharing your insights on foot care. It’s something I’ve been wondering about and wanted to research as I gear up for an intense year of training and competing. On another note, I think you’re really on to something with your focus on the over 30 crowd, and your tag line that you shared with me at one point (accelerate at any age) is awesome. Have a fantastic year! Eric

  2. hi david i just looked at your blog for
    foot care awesome i was always wondering
    if spikes were good for runners or r spikes only good for indoor running on
    any account im glad to hear about
    proper footcare for older athletes
    i love all your blogs it keeps me thinking how much running is awesome

  3. Dear Spring,

    Thanks for your question. Spikes are used by almost every high-level track runner (outdoor or indoor). Spikes do help you run faster since they are so light and without much structure and support – they not only cause greater extension of your Achilles tendon and calf muscle, but also the “pulling” with the spikes creates a different feel than running in running shoes. Thus, spikes must be used carefully (especially as we get older) and with a purpose in mind.

  4. hi david thanks for answering my question about spikes now that i know
    more im thinking of getting a pair do
    i have to get fitted or do i just go by my shoe size, also what is the cost of
    spikes r they about the price of a good
    pair of sneakers thanks for always
    answering my questions and emails your
    awesome awesome

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