Global Adjustments in Chennai, India

It was great to be back in Chennai, India after a 14 year leave. I worked in Madras (now called Chennai) back in 1986-91 and then returned for a short visit in 1996. But since then, I have not been back to the special lands of India. I could have used the services of my good friend and co-host, Ranjini Manian, when I first came to India in the 80s. Ranjini directs her company as CEO called Global Adjustments Services Pvt. Ltd.,, assisting ex-pats coming to live in India and Indians going to live abroad. Below is a photo with Usha Sridhar of India Immersion and Ranjini Manian of Global Adjustments on the night I spoke at their Chennai location:

Here is an excerpt from my speaking presentation at Global Adjustments on my new book, Creating Amazement.

I wanted to thank all the staff at Global Adjustments. Not only Ranjini and Usha, but also Chandrika Raman, VP of Business Relations, and Anupama Arvind, VP of Sales, and the rest of the extremely hospitable staff.

Thanks also to Sankaran Raghunathan and Sundari Ramakrishnan, Dean and Assistant Dean of The National Management School for attending my presentation and arranging to have my talk webcasted live.

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  1. Hi Dave and Sekyen,
    What a fabulous feat with fabulous feets! Congratulations on everything – racing, speaking, a terrific website, articles, sharing your experiences, I LOVE IT! I got goose bumps watching Sekyen meet family memebers and you back in India. Can’t even imagine what a high this must be and how mentally tough you are to counter so many difficult and challenging variables.
    CONGRATULATIONS! I just listened to your power warmup and running instruction, and it’s fantastic. I’m ready to get out there as I hope to run the Army Ten-Miler in DC in Oct.
    You’re still the best and getting better!
    With love, Jackie

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