Mid-week recovery helps

My second week of training had a small bump in the road, but overall it went well.

Monday began with a 6 mile run followed by strength and power training. On Tuesday, Wayne Johnson and I ran a 6 mile run with fartleks thrown in for two miles on the grassy grounds of GT Bray fields in Bradenton. After the final speed work, I felt my right knee was tender and I stretched it out after our medicine ball, band, and hurdle work.

However, I still felt a bit of pain on my easy run on Wednesday after my 8 hours on the tennis court. Fortunately, I had a massage with Stacie Nevelus on Wednesday evening. She was able to alleviate the referring pain to my right knee (as it was coming from my lateral quad), but on Thursday it was still not 100% yet. After my tennis and easy run on Thursday, I saw Dr. K (Kotlarczyk) at Wellness Concepts in Bradenton. He does various manual therapies (massage, PNF, laser, chiro etc.) and fully addressed the knee. I walked away from the therapy pain-free.

After a long day of tennis on Friday, I ran 6 miles on Saturday with 10 x 100 meters in 15 seconds each repetition. The pain was totally gone and my stride felt long and powerful.

The importance of recovery sessions during the week is vital to building a base of fitness in training over a 4-month period. The sooner you seek attention to any training ailment, the better chance you have to fix the problem.

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  1. Hi David i been prety busy but i just looked at your blogs for your training and midweek recovery, it sounds like your really have a lot of intense workouts before your 2011 event i looked at some of youe schedule and i mean wow on top of that your teaching tenis u should be in great shape by the time your event comes but also u have to be careful injury is not good but it happens sometimes man i loook at what u do and am so amazed i feel good when i workout but looking at your schedule is just amazing in itsself im so glad i look at your blogs it really does keep me motivated im so excited for u also say hi to sekyen for me and yes u got it right shes a beautiful girl take care i talk to u soon spring

  2. Hi avid yes also awesome write up on how runners should get recovery time and take care of their injuries when they happen i know most runners try to work through injury but yes we also need to adress injury when they happen its another way of listening to what your body tells you as u had said before also what is the best massage to have if u r a runner which one works best well u take care say hi to sekyen spring

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