Peachtree followed Stonehenge


We flew from London to NY, to Washington DC, and then finally into Atlanta for the Peachtree Road Race expo. It was a packed expo (a larger hall is needed) as The Peachtree Road Race is the largest 10K race in the country with 60,000 participants.

I spent those few days training in downtown Atlanta sprinting the hills of the city. I was there on behalf of my graduated compression sock sponsor, Sigvaris, who has their factory just south of Atanta. It was fun to share the message about the socks and hear back from Peachtree participants how well the product worked for them in the race.

I have been working out this week in Florida. We travel to San Francisco on the 13th and race on the 16th. We will be having two cameras on the bridge to capture the race, so we will make sure to have that video up for you at by the 18th.

Hope everyone had a great July 4th holiday!

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  1. Hi David wow looks like u been traveling a lot to u r doing very well
    hows the bridges u sprinting on that must be a little different also yes i seen the reviews for the peachtree race they do have tons of runners which yes they could use more room well u take care and be looking for your blog say hi to sekyen spring

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