The Humidity Is Still On

Residents of southwest Florida converse about the break in the humidity not coming in until mid-October. In 2009, it will be a welcome entry. With many parts of the country feeling the cooler temperatures of autumn, we are still feeling high humidity here in Sarasota. We hope by next weekend that exercising outdoors will be a more enjoyable.

At The Bath and Racquet Fitness Club (my training base and headquarters for my coaching), we just finished hosting the 50’s National Clay Court Tennis Championships. There was no surprise that the ambulance had to come by yesterday afternoon because players were experiencing heat induced problems. I was on the court teaching this morning and it looked like I jumped into the pool and then went on court.  That is how wet I was in October!

One of the new products I will be testing this month is the Vega Sport – the natural plant based performance optimizer. I am looking for this product to replace the other energy drinks I use and assist me in restoring the electrolytes that I lose during exercise. The other product that I am using daily in this heat is the Khepra Botanical Foot Mist that provides a cooling burst for my active feet. I have been using the incredible Khepra lotions in my training and races for massages and skin treatments. All these products can be found on the “online shopping” page at

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  1. Hi david its spring its afternoon i
    hope by now you are getting rid of the
    humidity in florida i wish i was in florida now for awhile i could be warm
    but i agree with ya humidity is tough anyway i here you training for the indoor
    mile thats nice i bet youll break your
    record because your a hard working guy
    i will be working hard again to once im
    well enough but i think of you and all
    you do it inspires me so much

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