Time To Travel West For First Race

We are set to travel to Phoenix on Thursday where we meet the rest of the www.OneMileRunner.com team. Then we drive up to Flagstaff, then onto the Grand Canyon. It is an exciting time as we launch our 4th event in 4 years.

“5 Wonders Under 25 Minutes” will again take us around the world to locations that will indeed be a challenge and an adventure. The series of “adventure miles” will begin this coming Sunday at the Grand Canyon. The mix of 6000 feet of altitude and dry conditions will be very different than my sea level and moist Florida training conditions.

We will be having two cameras rolling this weekend. We will indeed post a video of the race next week for you to check out. I will also be blogging multiple times each week right through our final race in Petra, Jordan in mid-September. We look forward to sharing what works and what does not during this event. And we look forward to hearing your thoughts whenever you have a question or a comment.

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