The Journey Begins

It is now about two months before my first race of the 20/20/20<5@45. I turn 45 years old in a month on April 10th and then I have my first race one month later on May 10th. Right now, we are finalizing the website and doing some base training for the summer events.


Before I race on May 10th, I have one overseas speaking presentation on the 21st and 22nd of April at Madeira Island (a Portuguese island 400 miles west of Morocco). I will do my O’Meara Process workshop for 3 hours on the 21st and then facilitate a “think tank” on the 22nd. When I return from this overseas trip, I will have only two weeks until my first race, then race again in Austin, TX six days later. I will be literally “off and running.”


During this five month period of racing and extensive travel, I will not be doing any on-court tennis coaching. I have planned speaking engagements throughout my travels and a couple of tennis workshops mixed in as well. But the long, hot days in the Florida sun will not be part of my recovery regime this summer between races. It would make proper recovery impossible.


We still have a lot of preparations to do. I am looking forward to the races, travel, and especially the opportunity to meet with so many new people on my trek across the United States. My speed training will begin to pick up in the month of March. I have decided to skip the World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor in France and the USA Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships in Boston both at the end of March. I want to properly prepare for my extensive racing schedule this summer.  

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  1. Glad to find your website… 59/female Texan.. <6 min miler pushing the envelope.. looking forward to Austin’s mile

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