The Minnesota Mile

After flying to Minneapolis on Friday and then driving 3 hours to Duluth on Saturday, Mother Nature caused me a few problems on Sunday that I did not overcome. With rain and a headwind, I failed to break my 5 minute goal. I ran a 5:01 on the wet brick road of Duluth’s main street called Superior Street. The Minnesota Mile is a great race with 7 different heats that range from a kid’s race to the elite race.

I was disappointed to not take advantage of the quick beginning of the race as the long slight incline takes place in the second half of the race. At the half-mile mark, I knew I was in trouble as I was at about 2:26 with the incline still upcoming. The organizers of The Minnesota Mile are the same organizers that put on the famous Grandmas’ Marathon. They put on a fabulous race with prize money, chip timing, and a point to point course.

From the beginning of my 20 race journey in May, I stated that if I do not break the 5 minute barrier in one of the selected races, then the race does not count toward my aspiration. So I now must find a replacement for the Minnesota Mile. I am sorry that the Minnesota Mile became the first race that I failed to break the under 5 minute goal.

I will make the decision to run in HI, MA, or NC next week in the next 48 hours and let the schedule show my changes in the races.

We thought that I would experience a few of these difficulties during these five months of racing. Adversity and persevering through it is definitely part of this journey.

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  1. Dear David, you continue to inspire all of us in many ways, not the least of which is indeed your perseverance. When we choose to play in the field of Life rather than watch from the sidelines, we are used by Source to help others strengthen their resolve in the face of adversity. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Wish I could join you in NY, but I will be there in Spirit anyway and looking forward to connecting ‘real time’ again soon! Best as always, Jacqueline

  2. David,
    I hope it wasn’t that pasta in Manchester! If the race you add ends up being in NH or MA, let me know. Maybe I can treat you to a relaxing round of golf after all you’ve been through… Jim

  3. Dear Dave:
    Hang in there. What you have done so far is tremendous. If you make this race up, you will still reach your lofty goal. This set back just shows how diffucult your goal is!

    Thanks for the inspiration to us older athletes.

    Jim and Irina

  4. Hey David, been following your website from day 1…an inspiration to all of us over 40+++ – good luck w/whatever you decide – you are our hero! K:)

  5. Dear Jim,

    Thanks for your comments and support –  I will be back soon to Sarasota! Look forward seeing you both at the end of the month….

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