Running Bermuda


You would think with an island’s highest point being only about 260 feet above sea level that it has flat terrain, but Bermuda is an up and down island making Race #5 on The Isles Mile Challenge my most difficult race yet. Bermuda is a British overseas territory located in the northern Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of the United States. In my opinion, it has one of the world’s most beautiful beaches in Horseshoe Bay and is a leader in off-shore finance.

We raced just outside the capital city of Hamilton on a warm morning. I ran a 4:49 mile on the sometimes dangerous course, but was well protected by driver, Jack Mungal.


After five weeks on the road, we were pleased to board a plane soon after the race to spend the weekend in Sarasota before venturing west to Seattle at the beginning of the week.

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  1. Hi David great race for the 5th one yes it looked like it was all uphill and yes i bet that one hurt a bit to but u ran an awesome race congrats and i always hear sekyen to giving u lots of motivation and support in the background shes an awesome girl and i love the way u two r there for each other thats is beautiful well congrats on race 5 and yes like y say take a much needed rest before heading to the next one take care will keep watching for your times and blogs spring

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