The Isles Mile Challenge – 2012 Tour

We just returned from our winter meetings in Phoenix. Our new DVD called Body Protection will be ready for release in April. We have added two new Consultants in 2012, Dr. Greg Kotlarczyk will be our Chiropractic Consultant and Leah Macy will be our Massage Consultant – both based at our choice of a recovery center – Wellness Concepts. And you can now find us on FaceBook at Body Protection.

The Isles Mile Challenge combines the themes from our past four tours: speed/strength/endurance (2008), recovery (2009), international travel (2010), and adventure racing (2011). The Challenge is to race 7 one-mile races (each under 5 minutes), on 7 different islands, in 7 different time zones, over 7 weeks. It will begin on July 1st in Greece. If I do not break 5 minutes in a race, I must find another island in that time zone and beat 5 minutes before I can continue on. Here is the race, travel schedule, and time zones:

  1. Santorini, Greece (GMT+2)
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark (GMT+1)
  3. Reykjavik, Iceland (GMT)
  4. Mount Desert Island, Maine, USA (GMT-5)
  5. Hamilton, Bermuda (GMT-4)
  6. Whidbey Island, Washington, USA (GMT+8)
  7. Honolulu, Hawaii USA (GMT-10)

The 5th event at, The Isles Mile Challenge should be a great mental and physical test this summer.

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  1. Hi David hope all is good with u guys, I
    just had a chance to look at your next event for this summer, Looks like it will be another tough one buy a really great one at the same time, visiting the islands and combining the last few years with all the events thats so wonderful, cant wait already
    also i received the email from sekyen on the body protection video will be looking forward to that when it comes out its always great to hear from u guys will. will look forward to your next one and as always nice to see u doing a great job u abd sekyen r really good people take care spring

  2. Dave,
    This looks awesome! I know that you will do great. Santorini is my favorite relaxing places to enjoy. I have been there 3 times and love it. Can’t imagine running there….Looking forward to following the blog this summer.

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