What Physically Makes The Best Athletes?

When we watch professional sports, the ability of an athlete to rapidly accelerate and then quickly decelerate over and over is one of the elements that separates the best from the rest. The myth that the person with the largest muscles creates the best athlete is put to rest when observing a wide variety of sports. The person with the ability to have the strength, stability, and explosion to perform these movements at the world class level is physically the best athlete. The traditional “body building” training will actually diminish the accelerate/decelerate abilities. Strength/endurance foundations and proper speed/explosion movements will improve the skills of these professional athletes.

2013 Body Protection Tour will finish in the Middle East. There is a slight change (due to the Embassy closings around the world) as we reduced the four-city stop to three. We will be in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Manama until early September.

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  1. Good to hear that the Middle East Tour is a go, if not shortened somewhat.

    My son-in-law, Ben S., was the #1 squash player at Bates College for 4 years and nationally ranked. I went watch him at the NCAAs and saw the amazing athletes who played for Trinity College (NCAA Champs 10 years running at the time, if memory serves, while going unbeaten in dual meets over the same span of time). I forget the name of their #1 player but do remember that he and a few of his teammates were recruited from Colombia. He was built like a mosquito, light and quick = one of the best athletes I ever seen. Speaking of Colombia, Nairo Quintana (2nd to Froome in the Tour de France) was built the same, 5′ 2″, 125 lbs and explosive mountain climber.

  2. hi David and Sekyen just looked at the beach to beacon road race i heard thats a great race maine is a beautiful area, its nice to have been there also i seen you on the track to thats wonderful to teach people about proper running and doing sports thats true different sports requir different workouts its looks like you and sekyen had a wonderful time on your tour hope someday u will come farther north again well thanks for always doing and teaching amazing things spring cole

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