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I have been behind the scenes at www.OneMileRunner.com focusing on the many aspects of our event operations since David’s first tour in 2008. Working for www.OneMileRunner.com has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. Its been an honor to witness first-hand all of the races that you have seen and read about on our blog. We are preparing to launch our next venture, Body Protection training, later this year. To begin sharing the developments and news of our first product release, we have joined Facebook. Facebook will be the platform that we use to connect internationally with clients, partners, friends, followers and fellow athletes. I personally want to thank all of you who have been on this journey with David and I since 2008. I believe the future holds even more exciting and unpredictable experiences that will be documented not only on our blogs, but also at www.facebook.com/bodyprotection. Please visit us on Facebook, and “Like” our page. We are already planning ways to socially interact with you; and our partners have shown interest in sponsoring Facebook contests where you can win some of the products that David uses to stay on the cutting edge of fitness. Most of all, I look forward to putting faces with all of you who have supported us for so long.

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  1. Hi Sekyen yes its been wonderful to watch you and David in all his running ventures
    I been reading and watching all the one mile blogs for awhile and as always i am amazed and thrilled at what you both do, I amlooking forward to this summers venture to its just fantastic to see what amazing things u guys do and also i have learned a lot more about my own running and life to by reading and watching the videos so i want to thanku both for all the hard work u both do its always very nice to see great things happening in this world well u both take care and tal to u guys soon spring cole

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