O’Meara named “HeadBlader of the Month” for June 2008

I was just informed that I was chosen as “HeadBlader of the Month” for the month of June. I am honored to follow on the long list of HeadBladers before me like Howie Mandel and John Salley. Please visit the www.headblade.com then click on “HeadBladers,” then click on “User of the Month.” The easy, close shave from my “Zamboni like” HeadBlade razor does make me feel faster before I compete. It is part of my pre-race ritual as seconds count in the mile.

Also, I have just chosen a new race on August 2nd. I will travel back to Texas to participate in Paul and Mike’s Excellent Mile in Amarillo, TX. You can find all the information about the race at www.LoneStarRunnersClub.net

I met Paul Herrmann at Race #2 in Austin, TX. He was running the race in Austin and talked about his race in Amarillo. Then I called and emailed his associate for the race, Mike Flores. After conversations and emails, Paul and Mike’s Excellent Mile changed their race date from late July to August 2nd to fit into my race schedule. Then they offered me a wonderful package to get me to come to their feature event in Amarillo. I am really excited to return to Texas and participate in Paul and Mike’s Excellent Mile race at the beginning of August!

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  1. Congratulations AGAIN, David, for all you are accomplishing on this amazing run (no pun intended! 🙂 I can’t wait to see you and “the gang” in Sacramento. What time does the race start on July 12 and at what time do you anticipate the post-race activities ending? I need to shore up my flight / travel plans which will key on your scheduled activities. Thanks for emailing or calling me – I am looking forward to all and am so inspired by you! Love and hugs to you, Sekyen and the entire OneMileRunner Team!


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