Off Season Training

The second stop on our recovery tour is seeing your trainer to add to your off season workouts. My themes for this fall was to increase my flexibility and to bring balance back to my body after our world tour. The Training Consultant, Juan Ruiz-Tagle, gave me new 3-D stretches that I perform at the conclusion of my workouts. Juan is very knowledgeable and has revamped my recovery. We train movements, not muscles. The western world is into isolating muscles in a stretch. However, isolation does not transfer to your chosen sport or activity. When moving, we use groups of muscles. If you look at the body, there are our layers of muscles in action in every exercise. Muscles are not one-dimensional, but multi-dimensional. That is why the 3-D effect works so great.

I wish you the best with adding to your off season program to ensure that you are not only recovered fully before your new training program begins, but also that you have made improvements in your areas of weakness. You can check out Juan’s blog entries at

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  1. Hi David i just had time to read about your 3d stretches, Now this sounds a little crazy but these should only be done after a workout is this correct,
    Also hope things r going well as u r
    recovering and getting ready for your
    next task and thanks again for all the blogs and postings say hi to sekyen to ok take care spring cole

  2. Dear Spring,

    Yes, the 3D stretches are done only after a workout. I believe in mobilizing before a workout (meaning mid range) and flexibility after a workout (meaning end range). You do not want to go to the end range before your workout.


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