Full Warm Up Program

This final warm-up video shows the full program with all three parts of the program: blood flow, mobilization, and power preparation. Why should you warm-up anyway before strenuous exercise? Warming up your muscles and joints will not only help you avoid injury, but also it will give your body a chance to peak perform. Instead of elongating your muscles, or stretching, before your next event, try to mobilize your muscles and joints. Squats, lunges, and balance reaches are the best combination to mobilize your lower body muscles and joints. The punching matrix is a great way to mobilize your upper body muscles and joints. You will know when you are adequately warmed-up when your skin is moist and you can run at top speed freely.


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  1. Dear Jovette,

    Thanks for your comments. Be sure to check out my ealier videos going over the reasons why we need to have blood flow, mobilization (movement), and power preparation (bounding, plyometric exercises) before intense exercise. Maybe you can look at the beginning warm-up routine that is less strenuous…


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