Proper Running Technique

Proper running technique has been discussed and debated for decades. After experiencing Achilles tendon pain and plantar fasciitis pain, I needed to take a closer look at my running style and technique. Thanks to the guidance of my trainer, Juan Ruiz Tagle, at I have altered my running technique to allow other parts of my body to help take the pounding of my mile running.

Please take a look at this running video as I discuss what I have changed for optimal protection and optimal performance:

I will post my next blog, “Running Exercises,” on Friday evening, just before I take the long drive to New England on Saturday morning the 27th of June.

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  1. Many thanks for creating and posting this excellent video on running technique! It’s helpful to be able to watch the technique principles put into action.

  2. Dear David,

    Thanks for your comments on the running video. Make sure to catch the running exercises this Friday evening before I begin the drive north. Thanks for your continued support!

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