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At the end of 2008, I met with a foot doctor who wanted to immobilize me in a “walking boot” for one month due to my injured Achilles tendon. Not liking that scenario, I searched for a second opinion and that is how I met Juan Ruiz Tagle. Juan, who is now the training consultant at, changed my training program and my running style. Functional training and a “stiffer” and more powerful running style has now taken me to the brink of my new event – The New England Marathon….One Mile At A Time.

Take a look at this video showing a few of my running exercises.

I hit the road tomorrow as I drive from Florida to New Hampshire. If all goes well, I should arrive in the New England area on Monday afternoon. My first race is the initial mile of the Boston Marathon on July 1st.

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  1. Thanks for the great video, I noticed when you were running on the beach you have a very high heel kick, is this a result of driving you knees high or are you activating your hamstrings to pull your foot up!

  2. Thanks for your blog post Rick. I wrote you a personal email earlier today, but I wanted to go over your question here as well. Poor coaching in the past wanted me to not lift my knee. This created too much of a circular motion behind me with an exaggerated heel lift and too much of a forward lean not allowing my core to stabilize. Now, I think about loading my knee and keeping my body erect to enable my abs to stabilze. Whatever heel lift remains is due to my concentration on my knee lift.

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