Running At The Taj Mahal


For all of us at, it has been one of our most interesting weeks on tour. Overcoming my sickness, arranging a difficult race under strange conditions, and finding the courage to conquer my fears, it has been a week in India that we will always remember. Delaying the race until Friday worked out great as the road to the East Gate of the Taj Mahal was more free as The Taj is closed on Fridays. We had two bicycle rickshaws surround and protect me as I raced down the road to the East Gate. I lost one of the bicycle rickshaws after the first minute as he underestimated the speed required. The other driver, Bobby, did a wonderful job and stayed with me for the entire race keeping out of harms way of numerous wayward dogs and the wild monkeys that surround the walls around the Taj.

I managed to run a 4:55.62 mile. I had a great start in the heat of the morning, but I relaxed too much in the third quarter, and then panicked and dug deep to sprint in the last quarter mile. It is the best I could do under the conditions that we were presented with this week. We tried to capture the event the best we could in the video below:

The Taj Mahal is even more beautiful than I remember 24 years ago when I came here for the first time when I coached the Junior Davis Cup Team in Chennai. Sekyen and I both agree that it is the most magnificent building we have seen. The Taj Mahal meaning “crown palace” is a 400 year old mausoleum in Agra, India. Mughal emperor Shah Jahan took 22 years to build the Taj Mahal in loving memory of his third and most beautiful wife, Muntaz Mahal. Muntaz Mahal died after the birth of her 14th child. The intricate details within the Taj Mahal’s walls are simply amazing. If you have not been to see this incredible Wonder of the World, it is indeed worth the trip.

We finally are traveling back to New Delhi to catch a flight to Dubai. We will stay there for a day and fly to Amman, Jordan on Saturday. We hope to spend a couple of days training at the Dead Sea before we meet up with the marathon group for the Petra Marathon on September 7th. Thanks to all our readers that have wished and prayed for me this week for a speedy recovery, your support was much appreciated and effective.

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  1. David: Loved this segment of your tour! I am so happy that you recovered and were able to complete this unique and beautiful race….I adore the kids at the end running with you! Safe travels! Barb

  2. “No monkeys…no dogs!” This is my favorite leg of the tour thus far. I loved seeing all those children running with David at the end of the film…very inspiring. Stay safe!

  3. Dear Ones – what a grand adventure, indeed!!!!! So exciting for you – and all of us loving and celebrating you each mile of the way! 🙂 May safe travels, physical strength and faith continue to hold you as you move toward your final race of this year’s project. Hugh and I send warmest regards and blessings to you both – see you ‘soon’ in SW FL! Jacqueline

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