Sleep Study in Sarasota

During my few days at home in Sarasota, FL, I spent an evening at the University Sleep Specialists for a “sleep study and analysis” with Sleep Consultant Dr. Peter Fort, MD, FCCP. 

It was an interesting evening as I learned a great deal about sleep patterns and the importance of proper sleep for peak physical and mental performance. Never again will I doubt the value of quality sleep. “Delta” sleep (deep sleep) is a time when our muscles and organs repair. For anyone who wants to optimize their day, taking the time to sleep deeply and sufficiently is a must.

Check out this 11 minute video of my experience at the University Sleep Specialists. It takes you from the preparation phase and through the diagnosis. This will give you a good idea of what to expect if you are interested in participating in a sleep study yourself.

Here is a photo at the beginning of my sleep exam as Tony begins to put on the wires in the proper places for ideal readings.


Here is a photo after Tony gets done attaching all the wires on me…what do you think?

Here is a photo with Dr. Peter Fort after he went over my sleep study and analysis. You can visit The University Sleep Specialists at

I will be traveling to New England on Saturday the 16th for a clinic in Vermont, followed by another clinic in New York. I will be participating in Race#16 in Salem, MA on August 22nd. Thank you all for your support as I enter the final quarter of my racing events.

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  1. Not only is sleep important for recovery, but sleep deprivation interferes with your diet, causing sleep deprived people to overeat.

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