Our Only Midwest Stop

On August 7th, Sekyen and I flew into Springfield, MO for our only midwest stop on our 20 city tour. After checking out Missouri State University and the historic Walnut Street area, I won the “Maui Mile” race in 4:43 on Saturday, August 9th. Here is a brief video on our trip, race, and Hawaiian theme with race director, Richard Johnson:


After traveling to 15 road races around North America, I have seen many different ways to time a race, but in Springfield with the Ozark Mountain Ridge Runners, they showed me a new way to time the event. They use a “wired bib,” so when you go through the finish line, an individual records your time by slapping your bib number with a paddle. This wired paddle records your time after going through the finishing chute. Now depending on how fast you are going, the slap can be soft or hard. The instructions for using the “wired bib” inform you to attach the bib in your chest area. I usually pin my bib much lower on my shirt. And if you pin the number on your shorts, well – good luck…check out the video above to see my finishing “slap.”

This was also the first road race that did not stop traffic or close down any roads. Richard announced at the beginning of the race to be aware of these conditions. I am glad that nobody got hurt crossing over a dangerous wooden railroad intersection in the final quarter and that nobody got hurt with ongoing traffic. 

Richard Johnson gave out some very cute, unique Hawaiian awards. Here are a couple of photos of me receiving my “Maui Mile Monkey.” I put this delicate award in my carry-on bag on its way back to Sarasota.

It seems like we have not been back to reload in Sarasota for quite some time. While at my home base this week, I have appointments with  Stacie Nevelus and Dr. Tammy Keifer, my massage therapist and chiropractor. They have already begun working on my right hip (si joint). This was the cause of my recent back pain as the hip injury referred into my lower back. After my second treatment on Friday, I hope that I will feel better before I board a plane to New England. 

I present two clinics next week, one in Vermont followed by a clinic in New York. Race #16, The Derby Mile, will take place in Salem, Massachusetts on August 22nd evening. I am looking forward to my coaching/speaking, training, and racing in the New England area.

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  1. I just wanted to tell you good job at the Maui Mile. That was my first mile race. Impessive run and on your accomplishments. I lost my dad at the age of 56 as well and teach physical education and know the importance of practice what you preach.
    Any way good job!

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