A Warm Texan Welcome

After Vancouver, we traveled to Amarillo, Texas for “Paul and Mikes’ Excellent Mile” on August 2nd. Amarillo is in the northern part of Texas and sits at about 3500 feet altitude. It is the home of Cadillac Ranch, the Quarter Horse Association Headquarters, and the beautiful Palo Duro Canyon. 

“Paul and Mikes’ Excellent Mile” is put on by the Lone Star Runner’s Club members, Paul Hermann and Mike Flores. Paul and Mike are running enthusiasts that began their mile race 14 years ago as an opportunity to see who can run the mile faster between the two of them. It takes place in Thompson Memorial Park on a course that goes up at the beginning, then down for the first quarter mile, the second quarter goes slightly down to flat, the third quarter goes slightly up, and then it finishes with a slight down finish with a turn to the left. It is all contained in the park and it makes for a nice mile race. I finished in 4th place winning the Masters’ Division in 4:50. So many participants and their families were so kind to come up to me and wish me well. I thanked them for coming out and showing their support.

I must especially thank Mike Flores for taking me to see Dr. Freeze two times before the race. For the first time since I began racing in May, I was suffering from an hip/back injury that occurred after I jumped off a sidewalk while running on Sunday in Vancouver. Also, I must thank my lovely partner, Sekyen, for her therapeutic massages. I was worried that I would not be able to race on Saturday, but due to their help I was able to meet my sub five goal.

Paul and Mike informed me that they will meet me for the “grand finale” at the 5th Avenue Mile in New York City. On September 21st, Paul and Mike will pack their cowboy hats and Texan flair and run down 5th Avenue.

After meeting with my web designer in Phoenix for a few days, I will be flying to Springfield, Missouri for race #15 called the Maui Mile on Saturday, August 9th.

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  1. Hello David, Glad to have helped you continue onward. Remember to use gel ice packs and to take enzymes – they will help (This advice is like gold – gold I’m telling ya). General digestive enzymes, vegetable based, along with systemic enzymes such as Bromelain and serrapeptidase or nattokinase. The last two must not be taken if you are on any blood thinners. Otherwise, you should be fine. Enjoy your further success. Dr. Kenneth Freeze

  2. David,

    Hope the back/hip is feeling better. Shannon and I will see you in Lowell, MA on 9/1. Safe travels and continued sub-5:00 success in the meantime. Best, Jim.

  3. Dear Jim,

    Thanks for your blog entry and support. I just got news that Lowell is cancelled on 9/1 – how about meeting up in Salem, MA on 8/22?

  4. We trust that you and Sekyen completed your trip safely. Thanks again for adding our race to your list. I am glad that Paul and his family were able to accompany you to Palo Duro Canyon. Oh, thanks for the book “Play Better, Live Better”. I had planned to buy a copy and get your signature when you were in town, but had not found the time to go to the bookstore. As it turns out, you were kind enough to give each of us a copy. It is next on my list of books to read–should be there by the weekend.

    The turnout for our race was about 50% more than last year. Our previous high was 88 runners in 2007 and we had about 122 this year. One family signed up a total of 9 folks to run. It seems that many of the runners turned out to see you run and to cheer you on to another sub-5 minute mile. Best of all, we raised about $1600 for Special Olympics of Texas.

    Paul and my son Justin and I are planning to make the trip to NYC for the 5th Avenue Mile in September. It sounds like a great race! Since my achilles is holding up pretty well after the past few days efforts, I may even get to put in some quality workouts before then. I know there is still a sub-5:30 in there somewhere!

    Hopefully, you had the chance to both run a great and have a great time here in Amarillo. If you and Sekyen are back this way in the future, please give us a call. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting you and hope you were pleased with the accomodations.

    yours truly,

    Mike Flores

  5. David,

    Thanks for the nice words about our race. However, I must admit that the high points in your report are the pictures. They are incredible. They look like they could have been taken by an advertising professional. First, anyone that has seen Cadillac Ranch will know exactly where you are standing. Next, the picture of the Lighthouse in Palo Duro Canyon could be used as advertising for the Texas Parks system! What a beautiful blue sky!

    We will see you in NYC. Keep up the fast racing!


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