What to Eat After Exercise?

Race #8 took us to Littleton, MA for the Eat Balanced Nutrition Mile. The Nutrition Consultant for the www.OneMileRunner.com website, Marc O’Meara, hosted the event on a Thursday evening. After the event, Marc made us a special “post-race” meal in order to speed up my recovery and help me heal my body for another race in a short amount of time.

Check out what Marc has to say in this video about what food is good for recovery, how soon to eat after exercise, and what our bodies need after participating in any sport:

Please visit Marc’s website at www.eatbalancednutrition.com for more information on his services.

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  1. thank you also for all your emails also very much appreciated. i will check out
    your blog on what to eat after running. I have learned a lot just watching and trying
    a few things on your blogs. I am really impressed with what you do. thanks spring

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