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Many of you have written me about how do I start my day as a 46 year old vegan athlete? What do I eat as a vegan athlete? Why am I vegan? One of the big reasons I was able to accomplish my 20/20/20<5@45 event last year was due to my vegan nutritional intake. I have been a vegan now for almost half my life. I began my vegan ways when I was living in India coaching the Junior Davis Cup Tennis Team from 1986-91. Back in the late eighties in Madras, milk was brought to your house in a plastic bag directly from the cow and you had to boil it. Ice cream was one of the easier ways of contracting typhoid. And the Amul cheese was just simply disgusting. So I traveled to India as a lacto-vegetarian (consuming dairy products), and soon became a vegan as I stayed away from the milk, ice cream, and cheese. After my years in India, I tried to eat some dairy products when I returned to the USA, but I found I felt better without any dairy in my diet. From the late eighties until now, I have been a devout vegan athlete.

I grew up on the “traditional American diet.” During my senior year at Bowdoin College, I became more interested in vegetarianism. After college, I became a lacto-vegetarian, then during my time in India evolved into a vegan. I was an easy convert. I could not believe the difference I felt when switched to a solely plant based diet: waking up the same way every day – never groggy, more energy, lighter and faster, more “in tune” with my body, and needing less sleep. I was amazed. My blood type of AB+ is well suited to a vegan diet. So since my late twenties, I have eaten only a plant based diet. It has provided me a solid foundation to build my active lifestyle.

Now at 46, I am always searching for new products that can add quality to my life. After I completed my 20/20/20 quest in 2008, a friend of mine told me about Vega products. Vega is part of Sequels Natural Ltd. based in Vancouver, Canada. I tried their all-in-one plant based formula and I could really feel the difference quickly. In early 2009, I had a meeting arranged for me with Vega founder Brendan Brazier. 

I have tried almost all of the vegan protein shakes. After my testing, I chose the best one – the Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer from Vega in the chocolate flavor. This is how I start my morning. I pour vanilla rice milk in my shaker bottle, mix with a scoop of the Vega Optimizer, shake it well (I like it the “James Bond, way” – shaken, not stirred) and drink down this clean alkaline-forming drink. It is the first thing into my body. And prepares my body for excellence.

This is how I begin every day during my grueling “SmoothToe New England Marathon…One Mile At A Time.” Recovery is the key as I try to run sub 5 minutes for the mile 27 times over 2 months. Feel free to check out Vega products on our “online shopping” page or at our “sponsors page” at www.OneMileRunner.com or at www.myvega.com.

All the best with your healthy and energy providing diet. It will provide a foundation that allows you to reach your highest aspirations! 

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