Twists and turns added to Congress Avenue Mile

I have always wanted to run the Congress Avenue Mile. It seemed like such a cool course. Starting at the Capital Building and running down the six-lane Congress Avenue, slightly downhill for about 1200 meters. It sounded like great fun…but when I arrived in Austin, I found out the disappointing news. Fox7 anchor, Dennis de la Pena, told me the news on Friday afternoon that Run Tex had to change the course due to Paramount Theaters having an earlier permit to use the upper portion of Congress Avenue. So Run Tex did what they could and made an out and back course with four turns and with the second quarter slightly uphill. This is not what I expected for the course, but after feeling “deflated” on Friday – it was time to center my focus to run under 5 minutes on this new course.

I won the Master’s Heat in 4:50 (the heat was 40-59 years old). Right behind me was Austin resident, Ros Hill, who also felt “deflated” on hearing about the course change. Ros and I did a cool down run together. He showed me the “old” course and the University of Texas football stadium. It was inspiring to meet Ros as he coaches older athletes to reach their own potential, can still dunk a basketball at 48 years old, and has a passion for art as well. I love the logo on his shirt for the older athlete “45 and Up.” I will have to return to Austin next year for the Congress Avenue Mile to not only defend my Master’s title, but also to finally run the “old” course from the Capital building .

I flew back to Florida on Saturday afternoon to prepare for two races next weekend. I race The Ogden Mile in Wheeling, West Virginia on Friday evening and then race the Memorial Mile in Boardman, Ohio. This will be my quickest turnaround time for recovery between two events this summer. My plan will be to “go low” on their quick course in West Virginia and hang on under five minutes in Ohio.

I have been having problems with my racing orthotic over the past month as it is not providing enough support. I actually ran the Congress Avenue Mile in my heavier training orthotic as I was feeling tightness in my heels due to plantar fasciitis (I had a bad case of it in 2003 after trying a light, small heel racing shoe). I do not want to feel that discomfort again, so I am trying to “nip it in the bud” and rebuild a new racing orthotic this week. Thanks to my sponsor, Faklis Orthotics, I will be pain-free very soon.

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  1. David,
    If you are not “pain-free” despite the best efforts of your sponsor, please let us know. Your notion of improving performance as you age, as laudable as it is, must eventually have its limits — ideally when you are of some ancient biblical age (Ghandi’s hope was to live to 120) — which will be manifested, I imagine, via pain. So we expect the truth from you — otherwise, we never will get past step 1 of the O’Meara process. Take care, congratulations on your great races to date & good luck! Jas

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, David!!! I am not surprised of course though wanted to acknowledge your accomplishment especially in light of the “adversity” you encountered. Mental and physical resilience are keys to success in just about all endeavors and you are a wonderful example of that for all of us. See you in Sacramento in July!! Have a great new kind of exerpience next week and I look forward to seeing you again sometime soon – DEFINITELY in Sacramento at the race course in July! Hugs, Jacqueline

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