O2 Health Studio Clinic In Chennai, India


We have been spending the week in my old “hometown” of Chennai, India where I lived for 5 years from 1986-91. We have been the guests of O2 Health Studios as we led a “Body Protection” fitness clinic to all their trainers and physiotherapists. Tomorrow we finish with a “Creating Amazement” seminar with the managers of O2. From Hyderabad to Chennai, it has been great to spend this time in southern India sharing our fitness concepts.

I went over some of the basic movements of my “Body Protection” program and then showed some of the resistance moves. The O2 trainers participated in learning the moves in order to protect their bodies from injury and prepare their bodies for speed and power. We went over some of the fitness myths that need to broken in order to take our athletic performances to the next level. We will address these fitness myths in our upcoming “Body Protection” video.


We fly north to New Delhi on Sunday morning. Take a train to Agra and get ready to race at the Taj Mahal on August 30th. At the moment in India, there is a non-violent revolution going on. Anna Hazare is undergoing a supervised fast in opposition to the government. Anna is the symbol of the anti-corruption movement taking place throughout India since we arrived a couple of weeks ago. It is, indeed, an amazing time of transition in India.

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  1. Hi David,
    I am in India too now and would love to talk to you if there is a number you can give me. Or call me when you see this.
    My borrowed mobile number is 80081 66681.

  2. Hi David wow looks like u and Sekyen had a nice time in india, Ita always good to know about body protecting and what moves u need to take Its going to be another great event u completed this summer so wonderful to think of amazing feats to do and also have a great time with your last race i will be rooting for u again i said before u keep amazing me well u and sekyen be safe out there and talk to u soon spring

  3. Gita – thanks for your message. Just tried the number you provided, but it did not work. I am at the Savera Hotel (28114700) until this evening then we travel to Agra early tomorrow morning. Hope to speak to you if you have the chance.

  4. Hi David,
    I just read your replay, my mobile was having battery issues and I just replaced it and it should be good to go. Hope to speak to you real soon. Do u have a number I could call you at? in Agra. Love,

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